String Test Launch Webinar

The HySeas III string test was launched at an in person event in Ågotnes on 1 December to showcase the world’s first comprehensive long-term and full-scale tests of a zero emissions drivetrain with a scalable systems architecture powered by 600 kW of hydrogen fuel cells from Ballard Power Systems. The tests, which were devised and conducted by Kongsberg Maritime, are designed to evaluate and optimise system performance, response, control and safety.

For those who were unable to attend the event, join us for a technical webinar on 8 December where we will discuss the following and share footage from our launch day.


1. Overview of the Project – Dr. Martin Smith, University of St Andrews

2. What is a String Test – John Salton, Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited

3. Design and Objectives of the string test - Kongsberg Maritime and Ballard Power Systems

4. Lessons Learnt – Kongsberg Maritime and Ballard Power Systems

5. Next Steps – Orkney Marine Services, Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited, Dr. Martin Smith

6. Q&A

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We hope to see you there!

The final step to Zero emissions marine transport powered entirely from renewables