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It was originally planned to have a launch event of the string test with guided tours of the test site and workshops, however increasing travel restrictions from November 2021 brought on by a resurgence of Covid-19 meant that numbers had to be significantly restricted.

In order to ensure that the project could disseminate the lessons of the string test to a wider audience, it was decided to create an interactive 3D virtual environment which could be used to familiarise the components of the string test and the associated safety systems.

The virtual environment has a 3D interactive equipment view that shows parts and functions of the individual components, a schematic view which shows how the main components are linked, and a safety familiarisation mode which allows leads you round the test site to find and learn about the various safety features that have been incorporated. These may be accessed from the linked pictures below.

Note that safety familiarisation will take a bit of time to load in the beginning.

In case the links above do not work properly, they may be accessed as follows:


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