String Test schedule announcement

The team at HySeas III are delighted to unveil the schedule for the first stages of practical testing on the project. The main objective is to construct and test a complete hydrogen fuel cell powered ferry propulsion power-train at an onshore test centre in Ågotnes Norway. This setup has been dubbed “the String Test” and should provide a strong insight into how future zero-emission powered ferries could operate in the future. The extended and exhaustive testing over several months is also intended to test safety, load response, transient response, and emergency situations of the system.  More details are available at: String Test.

There are several key milestones for the String Test schedule, summarised in the table below, with the start of testing expected to begin in May 2021 and run for approximately 3-4 months. Furthermore, a 3D model of the String Test will be developed such that a virtual walkthrough tour of the site should be possible from anywhere.




Summer 2020

Introduction of String Test concept and Ågotnes site selection

Autumn 2020

Planning (including detailed safety risk assessment)

November 2020

Construction of housing units for the String Test

January 2021

Installation of battery container, multidrive, AC switchboard, grid transformers, safety, EMS

January 2021

Control room set up

January 2021

Fuel cell container construction

February 2021

Ballard fuel cells shipped and installed

Spring - Summer 2021

Commissioning, component testing

Autumn 2021

String Testing

Winter 2021/22

Completion of testing programme

The final step to Zero emissions marine transport powered entirely from renewables